cool metol geors i found at sac. idk if louis has tumblr but the bb is astrozombiekmt and the meryl is princesslycoris


Gift for 666bot for collab reasons I was supposed to do forever ago, so have your collage AU gays nerd



what if raiden wore 3 inch heels

theyre not HEELS theyre TACTICAL PUMPs


raiden is a milf.

Your Raiden cosplay is FLAWLESS. I wish I saw it in person at Sac urgh... Do you have any tips for styling wigs to make them look as pretty as yours? ;-;

lmAO thanks!! i wouldnt say flawless tho i still wanna tweak some stuff on the torso/abdomen part tbh. and for that wig i literally just used my straightener to make it look all wispy and fluffy like raidens hair haha

could ye link me to your cutes ghbtav sketches? plox


Metal gears!!!

im the raiden!

How do you keep your grey from getting blotchy Omg ;-; I tried so hard not to but it did it anyways. Any tips? And any tips for concealing?

i did a makeup tutorial a while ago. i rlly just use my fingers to put it on my face lol. for concealing translucent powder is best and ben nye spray if u have some

thats prolly all ill post 4 now cos im waiting for more ppl to upload/send me photos haha. sac was fun and i got lots of pics taken :-3

some shots of me as raiden 

photo credit